Hello bloggers


My name is Arvind Ramaiya


I am from Bangalore, India currently residing in Sydney, Australia.


I am a Consultant, deeply interest in Enterprise Application workspace, with a passion for J2EE and .NET technologies.


My blog will be kept relatively simple, 2 sections to start with


J2EE Stuff


For all the guys out of University and wanting to get into the J2EE world here is a good starting point




This tutorial tells you which software you need to get started, walks you the process of creating and deploying JavaBeans.


Get the works


Eclipse 3.0

Jboss 3.2.5

I needed to download an updated server definition file so that Lomboz (Eclipse plugin) would support JBoss 3.2.5. This solved all problems. For future readers, here's a link to the only page I found that had updated server definitions: http://www.kawaz.jp/pukiwiki/?JBoss%203.2.3%A2%AA3.2.4. The page is in Japanese, but it works.

Lomboz J2ee plugin


.NET Stuff


For all the .NET techies here is a paper on OBFUSCATION and my take on how similar the Java and .NET architecture in effect are. This paper was published on the Monash University Software Component Technology course website in 2002.